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2020 Vision - Coming of Age in the West Midlands: a strategic regional symposium for funders, commissioners, infrastructure and key delivery project leads

Youth Focus West Midlands (YFWM), in partnership with the Office for Civil Society (OCS) and working strategically with the Centre for Youth Impact, is hosting an event to shape a collaborative regional strategy for youth impact.

2020Vision - Coming of Age in the West Midlands

Tuesday 19 September 2017, 10am-4pm
'The Factory' Young People's Centre, Longbridge

2020 Vision will bring together individuals leading the way in building safe and successful communities in the region; as well as people from organisations enriching the lives of the young people who will grow to shape its future.


2020 Vision aims to:

  • Seek champions to lead testing and improvement of shared tools and measures in local networks
  • Build collective understanding of the key qualities of safe, healthy communities and young people skilled and equipped for adulthood,
  • Develop a shared language to communicate these qualities to support greater collaboration

It will enable participants and their partners and networks to:

  • Improve common mapping of youth development needs in a community context
  • Reduce task duplication and data mismatches in delivery monitoring and recording requirements
  • Improve need and provider targeting and reduce ‘speculative bidding’ inefficiencies
  • Improve cross-disciplinary communication and shared ‘grass roots’ intelligence
  • Identify and develop open access and open source tools and applications


The event will feature:

  • Expert insight into collaborative data and measurement initiatives
  • Cross-sector discussion and shared case study reflection
  • A focus on common issues, aspirations and difficulties
  • Considering selected models and measures available for assessing community need and measuring youth impact

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Helga Edstrom of OCS, strategic regional link to Youth Policy and Chair of the regional Funders’ Forum will set the context for the day
  • Bethia McNeill Director of the Centre for Youth Impact will share national insight into work on Collaborative Impact

Participants will also hear from speakers on partnerships and initiatives such as the ‘360Giving’ data sharing model.

How to get involved

Attendance at the 2020Vision event is by invitation only. However, organisations interested in becoming in the event’s strategic leadership can contact the organisers to explore their involvement.

For further information contact Ruth Rickman-Williams at or on 07791 557907