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Announcing our work with Talent Match

We are excited to announce that the Centre for Youth Impact has been invited to facilitate a year-long research and learning project for the Talent Match programme. Talent Match is funded by the Big Lottery Fund and delivered by 21 partnerships across the country with the aim of supporting young adults aged 18-24 to overcome barriers and move closer to employment.

The Gathering 2016

The Talent Match delivery partnerships themselves identified mentoring as one of the most widely used, and important, mechanisms for change in how they work with young people. The scale at which mentoring is used throughout Talent Match programmes gives us a significant opportunity to learn more about how mentoring is delivered and experienced across a range of locations and settings, and to build a coherent picture of core features of effective practice.

We hope that this learning project will support providers across the country to deliver quality interventions, provide valuable evidence for future service design and improvement, and deliver legacy and learning from Talent Match that will be of value to the whole youth sector.

The learning project will:

  • Be driven by a core group of Talent Match partnerships and the young people with whom they work
  • Explore the different models of mentoring that have been developed across Talent Match partnerships
  • Develop a theory of change that sets out how mentoring is intended to support young people into sustained employment
  • Produce a framework that maps the 'core' and 'adaptable' elements of effective mentoring practice
  • Test a 'quality framework' to support and develop the mentoring practice within the Talent Match programme

Please get in touch with if you would like any further information on this project.