Our Networks

The Centre for Youth Impact believes that evaluation, data collection and analysis only have value if practitioners, managers and funders/commissioners are improving their practice – and decisions – as a result of what they are learning. Practitioners and managers at all levels should play a leading role in setting evaluation questions and then choosing or even developing the tools and methodologies that will help them answer those questions well. Our networks are where individuals gain the skills and confidence to do this, because approaches to impact measurement should be determined collectively, with peer support and challenge.

Regional Impact Networks

Our regional networks are open to any organisation in each region of England interested in measuring the impact of their work with young people.

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Thematic Impact Networks

Our thematic networks are comprised of organisations focussed on a particular aspect of work with young people, around the country.

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How to get involved

We want to hear from you if you would like more information about our networks and how you can get involved.

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Our Regional Impact Networks