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Straight talk on evidence

We seek to distinguish credible findings of program effectiveness from the many others that claim to be, through an easy-to-read, no-spin digest of recent program evaluation findings

As the name suggests, Straight talk on evidence reviews evaluation findings to determine which claims about programme effectiveness are credible. Reporting primarily on randomised controlled trial (RCT) evaluations, the website aims to explain why certain findings are credible or not, and whether they are presented accurately or exaggerated, so that readers can understand the findings themselves.

About the team

Straight talk is a project of the Laura and John Arnold Foundation. The LJAF’s Evidence-Based Policy team or guest researchers author the site’s evidence reports, which are independently reviewed by outside experts.

LJAF’s mission is to improve the lives of individuals by strengthening social, governmental, and economic systems. As a non-profit philanthropic foundation, LJAF receive no financial benefit from any programme reviewed.