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Quality and fidelity

How do we measure both the quality of our programmes or interventions and their fidelity (the degree to which they have been delivered as intended)?

Measuring and understanding the quality and fidelity of our work is essential to understanding of how and why an intervention works and whether and how outcomes can be improved.


  • From Evaluation Support Scotland and written by the Knowledge Translation Network 'Evidence from Elsewhere: Gathering, analysing and using other people's evidence' guides anyone in the third sector who wants to use secondary evidence to inform, influence and improve policy or practice, or both, through the process of using secondary evidence.
  • This website aims to support the capturing of youth work practice through a thought-out methodical approach of story-telling.
  • The Harvard Family Research Project (HFRP) is an American organisation dedicated to promoting family engagement and quality in education with the aim of ensuring children thrive. There are a number of detailed resources on its website, many of which help organisations evaluate their projects and promote the wellbeing of children, young people, families and communities.