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What we do

The Centre for Youth Impact is a community of organisations that work together to progress thinking and practice around impact measurement in youth work and services for young people.

The Centre’s small core team builds and supports this community, creates space for organisations to come together to understand and increase their impact, and undertakes focused projects that allow us to help develop, test and learn from particular approaches to impact measurement.

We work with providers, funders, commissioners, policy makers and young people to:

  • Provide a focal point for and ‘route in’ to information, support and debate in relation to evidence and impact
  • Build and support regional and thematic networks who coach, train and share learning, in collaboration with the Centre
  • Create an inclusive platform to promote debate and discussion to advance both thinking and practice
  • Make existing resources, research and evidence more accessible
  • Develop and publish resource reviews to give organisations of all shapes and sizes the practical tools they need to improve their impact measurement

We aim to work in collaboration with others to test, learn and build momentum behind the impact agenda, across organisations working with young people. This includes working with organisations to help them understand how they can develop their approach to evaluation and understanding of impact, and shape the agenda more broadly.

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