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Welcome to YMCA George Williams College

Our vision is for a just and equitable society that invests in support for all young people to learn, grow, and explore their relationships with the world around them.

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What we're doing

We're recruiting for a new Young Evaluators Network!

We are looking for a diverse group of 10 young people to join our Young Evaluators Network, and to help support the delivery of the evaluation into the impact of the #iwill Fund. 

Our 2023-28 Strategic Plan

Read our 2023-28 Strategy, outlining our mission, vision, and plan to provide transformational support to all those working with and for young people in informal and non-formal learning settings.


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Office Hours

Need some bespoke support?

To complement our new Impact and Training Curriculum, we've launched online office hours! Drop us a line ( if you'd like to schedule a call to chat through your evaluation challenges and questions about continuous quality improvement. Please provide a brief summary of your question or the thought you’d like support working through, and a member of our team will get in touch to finalise a time.

Youth Programme Quality Intervention

Youth Programme Quality Intervention

The YPQI was developed in the US, by the David P. Weikart Center for Youth Program Quality. Extensive research has demonstrated its effectiveness in improving outcomes for young people, promoting a sustainable and supportive culture of organisational reflection and improvement, and refocusing evaluation on the quality of relationships within different settings.

News & events

Our Thoughts - Catherine Mitchell

31 May 2023

For this month’s Our Thoughts, our Organisational Learning and Support Lead Catherine Mitchell explores the application of empathy in the workplace to create enabling environments, and discusses how by doing so, we can enhance our support for our colleagues and young people. 

Introducing the College's Relational Practice Curriculum

30 May 2023

This month Simon Frost, the College’s Head of Education, reflects on the development of the College’s Relational Practice Curriculum, which is due to be launched this summer. 

May Reading List

16 May 2023

Every month, members of the team share work that has made us think, inspired us, or piqued our interest. 

Check out our reading list for May!

Authoring Our Own Stories Through the Power of Creative Thinking

9 May 2023

Partnership for Young London's Sandra Vacciana shares insights from a fascinating national youth recovery project co-created with young people, and tells us how creative approaches have helped enhance authenticity and youth voice within its findings.